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You have found us because probably you are interested in the competitive purchase and hopefully we can help you to find it! As you probably know we work in the Automotive Industry doing business on the OE, OEM, OES and AFTERMARKET spare parts field. We have excellent connections to the suppliers, distributors and producers widely on the market that is why several companies work with us from the size of a small garage till market leader status even in the biggest countries in Europe.

Automotive Aftermarket B2B

Premium Automotive Aftermarket Products

The automotive aftermarket is a significant segment in the automotive industry with the value of about 800 billion EUR, growing 3 percent annually. There are changes in this sector nowadays, more significant than ever as the OEMs try to secure their core business and strengthen their independent aftermarket position that is possible to compete only with premium aftermarket products as their quality is equal to the OEM parts.

All of the automotive spare parts distributors are looking for the well-known premium brands for several reasons: the premium brands have the new applications usually the fastest, the premium brands have good repuation therefore the clients are looking for them so the existence of the premium brands in the portfolios enhance the reputation to the distributors which is one of the basic intension of the business enterprises.

As the premium automotive suppliers are not able - more precisely not interested about - to provide direct access to all of the potentious companies trying to avoid the handicapped effects and consequences of the overdistribution the needs for the premium products are just growing paralelly with the extension of the market and to find competitive conditions is just not easy, but possible if there are some special solutions, that if what our company is able to provide.

Alternative Purchasing System

There are several - sometimes completely different or opposite - ideas and way of managements concerning the purchasing containing product management and supply chain management. There are priorities about the availability, about the delivery time, about the service level, about the suppliers conditions and also about the purchase price level, different organizations consider different circumstances prior as every subjects have advantages and disadvantages. One thing is for sure: if there is enough professionalism and capability then the alternative purchase could make the most out of the business, it just needs special support that the Iberimpex could provide.

Back Office Management

The usual goal of a company is to boost the sales and to be able to do that the purchasing procedure of the company must be outstanding. It means that all of the price data, availability info and the individual settings of the suppliers ( calculated from their conditions given to the business ) must be considered for creating a competitive portfolio tailor made to the needs of the market.
Being outstanding means taking advantage on the available information and sources globally and it is different from the traditional way of working, that is why only few organizations are able to handle it. It needs special knowledge and point of view not to mention an important detail: a software developed for this purpose especially. If these things are provided then the success is guaranteed.
If you think that you are prepared for being different and outstanding on the market then the Kuplung Viaweb automotive marketplace is your solution: Automotive Aftermarket B2B.

Inventory Optimization

This term ( logistic or commercial, there are different classifications ) is the Holy Grail of the supply chain management as everybody is working for reaching the optimum.
The best stock would contain not only the fastmovers but even the rarest products. An ideal warehouse would keep the most expensive products altogether with the cheapest elements on their shelves to attract the clients and enhance the reputation of the company which is the key for the success. Of course to keep such a range promptly available would need not only huge investment but also outstanding knowledge about the different needs of the markets, not to mention some visionary ability to keep the products on stock that the customer would need. We can confess that there is no company in the world which is able to fulfill these requirements, that is why the Stock optimization function of our B2B is unique because it is the solution for the above mentioned criterias with its special structure.

Lost Sales Prevention

Some companies are able to measure it, some are not, according to the international observations it is around 5-20% of the turnover. It could be considered small value or significant, depending on the policy of the companies but one thing is for sure: the effect of the lost sales is not only feelable on the the certain non-realized sales numbers but on the reputation of the company as the missing parts make the impression to the customers that the organization is not serious.

Beside of that the lost sales simply doesn't let the real sales and market needs info reaches the supply chain management of the companies which anyway is the base for the systematical development of the portfolio. The elemination of the lost sales could be managed by a special tool which provides availability even for the most expensive or to the rarest applications without outstanding financial investments making the image to a company having any kind products on stock. It makes satisfaction to the clients providing useful data to the product and supply chain management, that is what our B2B is capable for.

Automotive Aftermarket B2B
For Wholesale traders, Garages & Resellers

> Choose from regular factory delivery/time-limited/stock quantity limited/hot picks/MOQ tariffs
> Price files in CSV or XLSX
> Single reference price checker and selector
> Easy price compare tool to compare your prices with our entire databaselabel
> Create and manage your order pro forma
> Reference order quick-pick functionality
> View your invoices and balance
> Back-order control
> Track your shipment ETA
> Retrieve your export and transport-relevant documentation online

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